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NutraBio’s high-protein hot cocoa launches with a free mug to drink it out of

Nutrabio Better For You Hot Cocoa With Free Mug

As promised, during its drop, discount, and giveaway-filled 12 Days Of Christmas promotion, NutraBio has indeed released its highly-anticipated and promising take on a protein-infused hot cocoa product. The simply named Better For You Hot Cocoa comes with 20g of protein per serving and is filled with sweet marshmallows for an authentic protein-heightened hot cocoa experience, perfect for cold winter nights and the holiday season.

NutraBio’s Better For You Hot Cocoa is available first directly through its online store at, where you’ll pay a reasonable $29.99 for a tub of 18 servings, which is more than enough for one a day right up until the big day itself, Christmas Day. To further celebrate the debut of the functional product, the brand has put together a custom-branded NutraBio mug, and you get it free today only with tubs of Better For You Hot Cocoa.

Alongside the official launch of NutraBio’s Better For You Hot Cocoa, we can confirm the complete nutrition profile of the functional supplement, and it is impressive, with the reputable brand managing to keep the macros nice and low while still delivering a tasty hot cocoa experience. On top of the 20g of protein, transparently from 23g of whey isolate, you get 3g of carbohydrates, 2g of that sugar, and 2g of fat for a lean calorie count of 120.

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