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Panda is dropping something new, limited and Christmassy this Friday

Panda Mystery Christmas Supplement

The team at Panda Supplements has posted a teaser of a rather intriguing and mysterious new product. In typical Panda fashion, it hasn’t shared a whole lot about the upcoming drop outside of the quick clip, which centers around a traditional bulk supplement tub with reindeer antlers. The brand is keeping fans guessing by not putting any sort of details or information on the tub, leaving it entirely blank, although the wait for the complete reveal is not that long.

Panda Supplements has said that the blankly branded product in its teaser video is something special just for Christmas, making it somewhat of a holiday-themed or Christmas-edition item. Even though we know the theme and can clearly see the upcoming supplement is being produced in traditional powder format, we still have no idea what’s inside. Fans could be in for something completely new, or it could be a festive flavor of an already available product.

An entirely new item from Panda Supplements exclusively for Christmas would be a nice treat to round out the year, and while we are just going to have to wait and see, as mentioned, the wait isn’t that long. The always busy, reputable, and reliably effective brand is planning to completely reveal and release its wintery Christmas product this coming Friday, so in four days, we’ll have all we need to know.