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Panda and Jeffrey Harris make a series of premium seasonings together

Panda Supplements X Jeffrey Harris Seasoning

Panda Supplements has unleashed the genuinely mysterious product or partnership it teased earlier in the week, which has been put together in collaboration with the health and nutrition influencer Jeffrey Harris, and it is far from anything we could have expected. The reputable sports nutrition brand, known for its powerhouse pre-workouts, has teamed up with Harris for the special edition Premium Prep Seasoning Series, and it is indeed a family of seasonings high in flavor and solid when it comes to nutrition.

Panda Supplements and Jeffrey Harris’ Premium Prep Seasonings register zero calories on their label based on a 710mg serving, and regardless of the flavor you choose, they all have under 100mg of sodium. Obviously if you want more flavor and juice up your servings, those numbers will rise, but based on the 710mg serving, it won’t ever reach a concerning amount. The products are also made with real and quality ingredients, including salt, honey, paprika, garlic, onion, pepper, parsley, and much much more.

There are six flavors available for Premium Prep Seasoning from Panda Supplements and Jerrerfy Harris in Cinnamon Honey Butter, Herb & Butter, Roasted Veggies, Taco Tuesday, Texas Heat, and the double collaboration Jefe Special, featuring a balanced and aromatic medley of herbs and spices. You can grab any or all of the seasonings directly from Panda’s website, alongside its many different sports nutrition products at $10.99 a bottle with free shipping available if you can get your order to more than $99.