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ProScience’s plant protein finally gets a second flavor that’s just as classic as its first

Proscience Vanilla Best Vegan Protein

The latest from the Colombian sports nutrition brand ProScience is something that is undoubtedly going to be extremely well appreciated by fans, especially those who live a plant-based, vegan-friendly lifestyle. There is a fresh new flavor to choose from, starting this week, for the brand’s plant protein powder Best Vegan in a straightforward Vanilla. While that is one of the most common options in the industry for a nutrition-focused supplement like Best Vegan, it’s a big deal for ProScience and the product as it is its first-ever flavor extension.

Previously there was only one flavor available for the ProScience protein powder Best Vegan, and it is just as traditional as the newly released Vanilla with Chocolate. Nutritionally, the supplement’s second taste is similar to its first, rolling together pea and rice protein to provide 25g of protein per serving. That sits alongside 2g of fat, less than a gram of carbohydrates, no sugar, and 120 calories, and it is worth noting, ProScience throws in a few extra BCAAs to give it a better, more comprehensive amino acid profile closer to the popular whey protein.

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