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SD puts 50% more servings into its Unflavored Creatine HCl for the same price as its flavors

Sd Pharmaceuticals Bonus Size Creatine Hcl

The single-ingredient specialist SD Pharmaceuticals, the sister company of the bright-yellow branded PharmaFreak, has crafted an extension of its standalone creatine supplement, Creatine HCl, which centers around the more concentrated creatine HCl, as opposed to the heavier-dosed creatine monohydrate. The team behind SD Pharmaceuticals has made a bonus size of Creatine HCl, still packing a formula of just creatine HCl for muscle strength, power, and performance, but it has a more cost-effective approach.

Firstly, SD Pharmaceuticals’ bonus size spin-off of the ingredient named Creatine HCl is not flavored like the original, which is available in Raspberry Lemonade and Blue Raspberry options. Instead, the brand has made the alternative Unflavored, something that tends to be easier to stack with other products like pre-workouts and post-workouts. The last detail worth knowing is you get 50% more servings per tub at a total of 180 instead of 120, each of them still packing that same SD’s Creatine HCl dose of 750mg.

When it comes to price, SD Pharmaceuticals is surprisingly not charging anything more for the Unflavored Creatine HCl, despite having that additional 60 servings at $49.99 (37.45 USD). Basically, with the launch of the neutral-tasting creatine, you’re now paying 50% more per serving to have your creatine supplement flavored, making the newly released variant a significantly more cost-effective way to go.