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SEEQ’s Christmas Tree made of protein powder is back with a few changes to its build

Seeqmas Christmas Tree Is Back

For Christmas last year, the bright and colorful, clear protein powder specialist SEEQ released something incredibly intriguing, interesting, and most of all, entertaining by way of the SEEQmas Tree. Basically, it was a giant bundle of the brand’s signature SEEQ Clear Protein and instructions to stack the massive 131 tubs into the shape of a Christmas Tree, all in the green-colored Tropical Punch flavor except for a lone Homemade Lemonade to sit on top and act as a bright yellow star.

To the surprise of SEEQ, someone did actually buy the SEEQmas Tree bundle at its eyewatering price of $4,999, and it was so thankful for the support that it personally delivered the order and helped the customer assemble the whole thing. The brand has decided to make the SEEQmas Tree a bit of a tradition and is bringing it back once again, here at the end of 2023 for another Christmas, although there are some changes, starting with the fact that it’s half the price down to $2,499.

We’re guessing SEEQ has made its SEEQmas Tree smaller to justify the lower price tag, if not, and you’re paying $2,499 for 131 bottles of Clear Whey, that’s a damn good price since the supplement usually sells for $44.99 a piece, not $19. It is a mystery what flavors the brand is going to use for this year’s protein powder Christmas Tree too as both Tropical Punch and Homemade Lemonade have been discontinued with all to be revealed shortly when it goes live at

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