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Following its International title win Viking Power releases another flavor of its amino cocktail

Viking Power Orange Sleipner

Fresh off of its win as this year’s International Brand Of The Year in our prestigious and annual Brand Of The Year Awards, MM Sports’ increasingly reputable house brand Viking Power has rolled out a flavor extension. While this year has been filled with more completely new supplements and category innovations by the brand, hence why it took home our international-specific award, here in December it has givens fans another taste to choose from, and it was needed, as the product that landed it only had three on its menu previously.

MM Sports premium and now, award-winning house brand Viking Power has added another taste to its loaded EAA-based amino cocktail Sleipner. Every serving of the supplement provides a robust 8g of all nine EAAs for muscle recovery, plus several other amino acids like taurine, betaine, and citrulline. That combination of intra-workout specific ingredients can be purchased in a citrusy Orange flavor beginning this week, with MM Sports’ online store getting as low as 253 SEK (24.18 USD) a bottle of 21 servigns when grabbing three.

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