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Viking Power deservedly takes home the title of International Brand Of The Year

Viking Power International Brand Of The Year

Award season is upon us, and after announcing the nominees for our various categories over the last few weeks, we have the winner of the International Brand Of The Year Award here today, and it is a well-deserved champion. Anyone who’s been following Stack3d over the last 12 months and has been paying attention to the action, specifically in Sweden, will have seen this one coming as it is the incredibly hard-working and standard-setting Viking Power that is taking home the crown.

Viking Power has always been a standout premium sports nutrition brand, putting a lot of effort into each of the categories it tackles, but in 2023, it took things up a notch. Instead of occasionally entering new spaces and introducing supplements here and there, Viking Power has been dropping loaded competitors all over the place. It all started with the premium pre-workout Leviathan, which genuinely set the tone of the year for the brand, packing some ridiculously impressive highlights, including a robust 6g of beta-alanine, 300mg of energizing caffeine, and a rarely seen 12g of pure citrulline.

Again, Viking Power was all over the sports nutrition market this year, following that powerhouse Leviathan pre-workout with a complementing and equally stacked post-workout in Rebirth, a giant value-size of the pre-workout Mjölner with a huge 80 complete servings, the superfood supplement Bifrost, the comprehensive nootropic Mimir, and the advanced hydration competitor Tears Of Freya.

Viking Power was simply not playing around this year, making itself known not just in its home country of Sweden and the continent of Europe, but internationally. Its pace and output of new products, flavors, and other items were impressive, but the standard of the formulas genuinely showed Viking Power is a brand to respect, even when you compare its efforts to the US. It is all those reasons that the powerhouse deservedly takes home the title of 2023 International Brand Of The Year.

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