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Long-awaited Harness RTD has finally become available through the Arms Race website

Where To Buy Arms Race Harness Rtd

The extremely long-awaited ready-to-drink version of Arms Race Nutrition’s original stimulant pre-workout, in the Harness RTD, has finally become available, and this product is something that has indeed been a long time coming. The first mention of the offering came several months ago and has bits and pieces dropped on a few occasions since then. The full formula behind the beverage was shared last month, and it is pretty packed out with a combination that’s rather close to the original powder supplement.

The first place you can go to get your hands on Arms Race Nutrition’s Harness RTD, packing 350mg of caffeine, is its online store, where you’ll pay $39.99 for a case of a dozen 12oz bottles in your choice of five flavors with Big Apple, Venice Beach, Lemon Rush, Rainbow Sherbet, and Key West. Being a beverage, you will pay a good amount of money for shipping on this one, although with that said, if your order goes over $125, you get free shipping, and that does apply to purchases including the Harness RTD.