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Ghost has put a “Zero Caffeine” callout on its hydration drink to ensure no confusion

Zero Caffeine In Ghost Hydration

There is plenty of hype heading into the New Year when it comes to Ghost, with the highly-anticipated launch of its electrolyte-filled and premium Senactiv-powered sports drink, the Ghost Hydration Drink. The product is due to be available in five flavors with Kiwi Strawberry, Orange Squeeze, Lemon Lime, Sour Patch Kids Redberry, and Sour Patch Kids Blue Raspberry, all without any sugar and a low five calories a bottle.

Since images have begun surfacing of the Ghost Hydration Drink, we’ve had a few comments and questions regarding the big callout right at the top of the beverage’s bottle reading “Zero Caffeine”. If you’ve been around Ghost long enough and know its lineup from top to bottom, that callout probably isn’t necessary, as you know what you’re getting. With that said, there are a lot of people out there who may only know Ghost for its cooler-dominating energy drink, which, of course, contains caffeine at a strong 200mg.

There is definitely the possibility that consumers could get confused, whether it’s assuming the Ghost Hydration Drink has caffeine, like the energy drink, or that it is built to support the same benefits like energy, focus, and performance. Ghost founder and CEO Dan Lourenco has said, “We wanted to make sure there were SEVERAL key differences between packages to ensure NO confusion.” That is certainly obvious when you see the two side by side, as not only is one in a can and the other a bottle, but you don’t have the split design at both ends, there is no mention of energy, and again, it loudly reads “Zero Caffeine”.

All of this hype is leading and building up to next month when Ghost officially launches its well-marketed, flavor-strong, and premium-formulated approach to the sports drink space with the Ghost Hydration Drink. We’ll be lining up to get our hands on the beverage as soon as we can, and for those of you who are like us, don’t forget the brand’s pre-release chance to secure a can, which will only be open for one hour in about three and a half weeks.