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Shot giant 5-Hour Energy makes a few changes for its 2024 rebrand

5 Hour Energy Shot 2024 Rebrand

In the area of energy shots, there is one brand that is essentially synonymous with the category, and that is the absolute giant 5-Hour Energy. It can be found in stores on shelves, at counters, and online all over the place, and it gets the job done with quick, convenient, and reliable energy. There are a few versions out there for the brand’s pocket-sized energy drinks such as Regular and Extra Strength, as well as a nice selection of flavors, which is something that plays into the overall color and branding of the product.

For 2024, 5-Hour Energy is saying “New Year, New Look!” as it has decided to take this opportunity to introduce a fresh new look, first seen on the many different flavors of its more energizing Extra Strength energy shot packing a variety of vitamins and a strong 230mg of caffeine. The changes that have been made are definitely more subtle than they are obvious, as the information displayed and layout of it all is much the same, and on flavors like Berry and Grape, the background graphics aren’t too different either.

The notable shifts in design in 5-Hour Energy’s rebrand come in the flavor name, now outlined rather than in a banner; the giant logo dead center also has a bright white outline to bring more attention to it; and the product name like “Extra Strength” has been shifted to the bottom and the formula highlights take their place. The background graphics have been tweaked a bit although they still offer the same look and feel; the run-through wave has been taken out; and the tagline “Fixes Tired Fast” has been added.

Again, it is very subtle moves here and there, nothing overly drastic where next time you go looking for a 5-Hour Energy Shot you won’t recognize it. By the sounds of things, fans can expect to see the refresh of the shot brand’s packaging reflected on shelves soon, with nothing on the inside changing, only the outside.

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