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Alpha Pro adds a leaner and faster-absorbing protein powered by grass-fed whey isolate

Alpha Pro Nutrition Isoload Protein Powder

Following the announcement of its first-ever functional food in the rich, decadent, and solid Protein Chocolate, Alpha Pro Nutrition has taken the covers off another product, introducing the premium protein powder ISOLOAD. This is going to be the second competitor from the brand for the highly competitive and intensely saturated category, joining its original and more traditional 100% Whey, which provides 25g of protein a serving from a variety of sources for slow, medium, and fast absorption.

Alpha Pro Nutrition’s ISOLOAD separates itself from 100% Whey by relying entirely on premium, lean, and quickly absorbed grass-fed whey isolate to provide 25g of protein a serving, with next to no sugar, carbohydrates, or fat, a common trait for this type of protein powder. The brand has kept many other areas of the product typical, with 30 full servings packed into every tub with one flavor to choose from a classic chocolate named Chocolate Ice Cream, and according to Alpha Pro, it is available this week.