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F#ck Mediocre sells out in just over a day but can still be found at select retailers

Apollon Sells Out Of Fck Mediocre

If you want to get your hands on the latest pre-workout innovation from Apollon Nutrition in the boldly named Hooligan-like supplement F#ck Mediocre, you may be out of luck if you prefer to shop directly through the brand’s online store. After launching the pre-workout at the end of last week over at, F#ck Mediocre has gone on to completely sell out of its lone Tiger’s Blood flavor in just over one day, although there are still a few other places you can get your hands on the product.

Apollon Nutrition does have strong distribution across the US in retail stores, but there was only a limited number of units produced of F#ck Mediocre, and they sold out just as quickly on the wholesale side as they did direct. Three retailers managed to get their hands on a stash of the extremely limited supplement, all incredibly reliable and reputable with Ares Nutrition, Nutri Cartel, and Natural Body, and they each have physical and online stores, so you can grab F#ck Mediocre anywhere in the country.

UK-based fans of Apollon Nutrition are also in luck as a retailer across the pond secured itself some cases of the high-dosed F#ck Mediocre pre-workout as well in Viper Fitness in Barking, Essex, which carries several other supplements from the brand like Assassin, The Last Emperor, 50/50 Formula protein powder.