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Apollon ends the year with a high-dosed pre-workout called F#ck Mediocre

Apollon Nutrition Fck Mediocre

The hardcore supplement company Apollon Nutrition has taken the covers off its previously teased Robik Edition, named after its founder Robik Samborsky, which has turned out to be a pre-workout and while it’s not as premium-filled as last year’s Triumph, it is a beast of a product. The official title of the supplement is one of its boldest yet with Apollon’s F#ck Mediocre, and again, the formula is stacked with a protein powder-sized serving, tipping the scales at 34g, and of that, close to 30g is active ingredients.

The formula behind Apollon Nutrition’s New Year’s celebrating F#ck Mediocre is close to its well-rounded Hooligan, as although the dosages have been ramped up even further, and it also includes something we just saw introduced in the latest version of the pump-enhancing Bare Knuckle. We’ve got the facts panel for the upcoming supplement in the image below, and it does tell most of the story, packing plenty of support for the core benefits in increased energy and focus, enhanced pumps, and better performance.

Apollon Nutrition Fck Mediocre Label

The energy and focus in Apollon Nutrition’s Robik Edition F#ck Mediocre pre-workout comes from a hefty 3g of tyrosine, a gram of alpha-GPC, which is rarely seen over 800mg, 2mg of potent alpha yohimbine, and the brand’s signature amount of caffeine at a combined 600mg from three sources. Taking care of the pumps and performance, you get a double dose of beta-alanine at 6.4g, a huge 10g of straight citrulline, 3g of betaine, and a rare 4.2g of premium NO3-T arginine nitrate, like the recently revealed Bare Knuckle V5.

To top it all off, Apollon Nutrition has included an effective 50mg of AstraGin to enhance absorption and overall efficacy of F#ck Mediocre. Again, on paper, the special edition, end-of-year supplement looks like it’ll provide a similar balance of benefits to Hooligan, but certainly more pumps thanks to the hefty 4.2g of NO3-T.

Apollon Nutrition’s F#ck Mediocre pre-workout is similar to the premium-packed Triumph pre-workout from around this time last year in terms of availability, as it is indeed only going to be around for a limited time. F#ck Mediocre is not a permanent supplement, so when it rolls out this Friday, fans will want to make sure they get their hands on it while they can. The brand is releasing the loaded pre-workout in the watermelon, strawberry, and coconut recipe Tiger’s Blood with 40 regular or 20 maximum servings a tub.