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Aware finally gives fans a traditional whey isolate in a lone double chocolate flavor

Aware Nutrition Aware Isolate

Aware Nutrition in Sweden has been in the protein powder business for some time now, getting into the heavily saturated space at a relatively young age with its blend-style Aware Whey. It has gone on to drop several other protein-focused supplements, like Aware Casein, Aware Vegan Protein, the functional Protein Pancakes, and, more recently, Aware Clear Whey. Something the brand had yet to do was put together a traditional, premium, and pure whey isolate, but this week, that has become available.

Aware Nutrition has introduced Aware Isolate, featuring only high-quality whey isolate to provide the traditional 25g of protein a serving, and with that source in the front seat, the other macros are incredibly lean at under a gram of carbohydrates, half a gram of fat, and 108 calories. The supplement gets straight to the point without anything extra; it is a solid whey isolate-based protein powder, available in one flavor to start, and it is one of the more common tastes in the category called Double Rich Chocolate.

Aware Isolate is available immediately through Aware Nutrition’s online store at a regular SEK 379, although currently, everything is 25% off, which brings the supplement down to SEK 284 (27.19 USD). That does make it the most expensive single-unit protein powder the Swedish brand has available, but not the most expensive overall, as Aware Clear Whey takes the title at SEK 269 for a significantly smaller 500g bag.