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Axe and Sledge continues to expand its health and wellness side with a joint product

Axe And Sledge Joint

Health and wellness has become a popular sector for sports nutrition brands to focus on, where they put out supplements centered around specific areas of health, outside of the gym. This includes things like a multivitamin, fish oil, organ support products, and so on, and that is a space Axe and Sledge has been building out and is now very comprehensive in. The brand from Seth Feroce offers Heart+ for cardiovascular health, the detoxification agent Daily Cleanse, and joining that selection this week is Joint+.

Axe and Sledge’s Joint+ is, as the name says, a dedicated joint health supplement, bringing together a pretty robust and comprehensive selection of ingredients to support joint mobility, function, comfort, and overall health. The brand has squeezed in a fair share of premium, branded ingredients, with a gram of glucosamine sulfate alongside 40mg of UC-II type II collagen and half a gram of OptiMSMS cissus quadrangularis, and rounding it out is 5mg of BioPerine black pepper to improve absorption and efficacy.

Axe And Sledge Joint Plus Label

As mentioned, Joint+ adds to Axe and Sledge’s growing selection of health and wellness supplements, giving fans another area they can count on the brand for support and with a robust formula as seen in its other products of this type. The premium ingredients in Axe and Sledge’s joint health supplement do bring a premium price, with Joint+ sitting at $44.99 at for a bottle of 30 servings to get you through a typical month. Also, while it’s not in any of the brand’s discounted stacks at the moment, don’t be surprised if Joint+ eventually winds up in one with the growing health and wellness selection at Axe and Sledge.