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Black Market and MAN Sports come together for a packed-out pre-workout

Black Market X Man Sports Announcement

Inter-brand collaborations have come a long way since the first few from several years ago, where we saw the likes of Black Market and Inspired come together, then later on Ghost teamed up with Raw Nutrition, and more recently, powerhouses Apollon Nutrition and Panda collaborated for Face/Off. The original underground supplement company Black Market was indeed the first to pull it off, and it has been doing more and more of those partnership products recently, with another giant one right around the corner.

Black Market has worked with several different sports nutrition brands to create supplements representing both sides of the collaboration, again, starting from its original DVST8 Stim in partnership with Inspired to working with American Metabolix, Myogenix, Panda Supplements, Anabolic Warfare, and now MAN Sports. Black Market has indeed got together with past Brand Of The Year winner and Game Day innovator MAN Sports for a special edition pre-workout that is most definitely going to pack a punch.

Both Black Market and MAN Sports are known for putting together potent, powerhouse pre-workouts, each of them holding down various positions on our list of top pre-workouts throughout the almost ten years we’ve been keeping them going. We do have a list of the ingredients in the supplement collaboration, and it is loaded on all sides for pumps, performance, strength, energy, and focus; the only catch is we don’t have any of the dosages confirmed for the solid 16-ingredient formula backing the product.

Citrulline / beta-alanine / betaine anhydrous / creatine monohydrate / agmatine / tyrosine / alpha-GPC / caffeine anhydrous / dendrobium / pink Himalayan salt / pine bark / eria jarensis / Infinergy (di-caffeine malate) / citrus aurantium / velvet bean / theanine

That combination has plenty of potential to deliver a powerhouse experience in the gym, and though we haven’t seen the dosages for the ingredients, which is a key part, the reliability factor of Black Market and MAN Sports comes into play here, and they have shown many times they know how to make a pre-workout. We are definitely looking forward to the launch of this one, as is the case with most inter-brand collaborations, but this is extra special coming from brands that have both been around for more than a decade.