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Sneak puts an entertaining yellow snow twist on its fan-favorite Blizzard flavor

Blizzard Yellow Snow Sneak Energy

We have said it several times here at Stack3d, although there is always room to say it again and provide more examples; Sneak is one of the most creative companies out there when it comes to marketing, and we’re not just talking about its gaming market, but supplements in general. The UK-based brand has pulled off all sorts of stunts and product launches, and its latest is another attention-grabbing effort that takes one of its fan-favorite flavors, puts a fun sour twist on it, and it has the alternative branding to match.

Blizzard is a citrusy lemonade taste from Sneak, and it’s been released many times over the years for its signature energy and focus-supporting gaming supplement, Sneak Energy. As mentioned, the brand has put a bit of a twist on the experience here in the first month of the New Year with Blizzard Yellow Snow. It is said to be a much more sour version of Blizzard, and the name cleverly adds a comedic spin, which extends into the packaging, as the bottle and lid have a semi-transparent yellow tint, further playing into the title.

Sneak is launching its Blizzard Yellow Snow Sneak Energy this coming Thursday through all of its online stores at, servicing the UK, Europe, and the US, all at the exact same time of 2PM in the UK, 3PM in Europe, and 9AM Eastern Time. The yellow-tinted flavor extension will only be available for a limited time, so fans will want to get it while they can, and it will be at the brand’s usual pricing structure of £39.95 / €40 / $40.

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