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Bodyarmor puts together a sports drink with absolutely no sugar in four classic flavors

Bodyarmor Zero Sugar

Low to zero sugar has become a huge, almost integral part of beverage offerings; in fact, with the number of competitors out there that offer their primary benefits without sugar and next to no calories, we personally don’t go any other direction. You can see this at the likes of Monster, Red Bull, and, of course, energy drinks that don’t make any sugary options in Ghost and C4, as well as many sports drink competitors such as Gatorade, Powerade, and beginning this month, Bodyarmor is included in that list.

The sports drink giant Bodyarmor has announced a no-sugar beverage this week with Bodyarmor Zero Sugar, which is separate from the already available, no added sugar and low-calorie Bodyarmor Lyte. The company’s latest innovation is true to its name, having absolutely no sugar and just ten calories a bottle, versus Lyte and its 2g of sugar with 15 calories. Bodyarmor Zero Sugar pairs its sugarless nutrition profile with a hefty dose of the essential electrolyte potassium to support hydration, and it’s included at 620mg in the product’s 16oz size.

The 16oz is just one of three sizes Bodyarmor Zero Sugar is going to be hitting shelves in; there is also a much larger 28oz, and an option that sits in between those two with a 20oz available in a bundle of six, and all of them keep with that feature of no sugar. Lastly, in the area of flavors, Bodyarmor has crafted a straightforward menu, putting together four classic tastes in the citrusy recipe Lemon Lime, a standalone Orange, Cherry Lime, and one of the most familiar flavors in supplements with Fruit Punch.

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