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Vitamin Shoppe’s BodyTech pairs study-backed Tesnor with a solid pre-workout formula

Bodytech Altered Savage

Altered Strength is a premium pre-workout from The Vitamin Shoppe’s reputable house brand and sports nutrition specialist, BodyTech, which has just been joined by another similarly packed pre-workout with a slightly different set of benefits in Altered Savage. BodyTech’s Altered Savage is a hybrid testosterone-boosting pre-workout that brings together a branded ingredient to naturally boost and support testosterone, plus an impressive and surprisingly strong set of ingredients for core pre-workout benefits.

A lot of the time, in hybrid supplements like testosterone-boosting pre-workouts or even fat-burning pre-workouts, you get fewer ingredients supporting both sides of the promised effects compared to, say, a standalone testosterone booster and pre-workout. That is not really the case in The Vitamin Shoppe and BodyTech’s Altered Savage, as it has stacked the product with some genuinely strong dosages filling out the pre-workout portion, and again, it relies on just the one component to support testosterone.

The ingredient BodyTech relies on to boost testosterone in its Altered Savage pre-workout is Tesnor, a proprietary blend of theobroma and pomegranate, which is backed by clinical studies showing its ability to increase natural testosterone and help with muscle strength and size. The Vitamin Shoppe and its brand have packed a clinical dose of 200mg of Tesnor into each serving of Altered Savage, but again, that is only one side of the hybrid supplement.

Bodytech Altered Savage Label

In combination with the premium, study-backed Tesnor, BodyTech’s Altered Savage has a full 5g dose performance and power-supporting creatine monohydrate, 3.2g of CarnoSyn’s high-quality beta-alanine, 2.5g of betaine, a huge 9g of pump-enhancing pure citrulline, and 1.5g of the premium pump component Nitrosigine. Again, the product has not fallen short in the pre-workout department, far from it, with plenty of energy and focus ingredients in there, too, including 25mg of Dynamine, 140mg of Dynamite, and a combined 390mg of caffeine from standard caffeine anhydrous and the longer-lasting zumXR caffeine.

The Vitamin Shoppe and BodyTech’s Altered Savage costs slightly more compared to their other powerhouse pre-workout in Altered Strength, coming at $49.99. You definitely need to be mindful of the servings though, as Altered Strength is $47.99 with 30 servings, while Altered Savage has 20 maximum servings, making the latter about 56% more expensive. There is a sale at the moment that gets you a second tub for half price, getting you two at $37.49 each, in your choice of Tiger’s Blood and Savage Grape flavors.