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Mountain Dew-like Citrus Rain joining the Gorilla Mind Energy Drink to start the year

Citrus Rain Gorilla Mind Energy Drink

Gorilla Mind has come out and announced the newest flavor of its nootropic-powered energy drink, simply named the Gorilla Mind Energy Drink, after teasing the extension last week. The flavor is a little bit similar to something else it already has on its menu, but obviously, the brand has designed this to be a very different sort of experience. The newest addition to the ever-expanding menu of the beverage, and making it a total of 12 tastes to choose from, is a Citrus Rain Gorilla Mind Energy Drink.

The latest innovation out of our Brand Of The Year for 2023, Gorilla Mind, has been officially unveiled today but won’t be going live and will become available for purchase until later in the week on Thursday. While most of the flavors the brand has added to the menu of its energy and focus-enhancing beverage have been exclusive to The Vitamin Shoppe, that is not the case this time around. The Citrus Rain Gorilla Mind Energy Drink can only be found and ordered from the brand’s own online store.

As mentioned, Citrus Rain does sound a bit similar to Lucky Lemon, a flavor that is already available for the Gorilla Mind Energy Drink, but the citrusy experience in this is indeed quite different. The brand itself describes it as a combination of citrus fruits, not just lemon, bringing together a strong level of lime, some lemon, and even a hint of orange. Citrus Rain Gorilla Mind Energy Drink has actually been likened to the classic Mountain Dew, so very much a lime-heavy recipe next to the lemony Lucky Lemon.