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Flavor number 12 for the Gorilla Mind Energy Drink arrives Thursday of next week

Gorilla Mind Energy Drink Flavor Number 12

Our 2023 Brand Of The Year Gorilla Mind has slowed a bit on its promise of at least one new flavor every month for the first 12 months following the launch of its Gorilla Mind Energy Drink, although it we’ve got word another taste is just around the corner. In the first seven months of the beverage being on the market, we did indeed get that flurry of flavors, including the likes of Sour Watermelon Candy and the more recent Tropic Storm, but we didn’t get one for December and haven’t seen one yet for January.

As mentioned, Gorilla Mind is gearing up for the reveal and rollout of another enjoyable flavor of its nootropic-level effective Gorilla Mind Energy Drink. The brand has put out the image above, showing all 11 flavors it currently has available, from the original four to the seven extensions. In the bottom right corner of that is a blank-branded can stamped with a question mark, so essentially a mystery flavor for the time being; however, Gorilla Mind has paired all of those with a launch date that’s about one week away.

Whatever the latest flavor creation Gorilla Mind has cooked up, we’re guessing it’ll be on a similar level to its other options in terms of quality in taste and featuring its energy and focus-enhancing formula. The brand has described what will be its 12th flavor of the Gorilla Mind Energy Drink as “refreshing”, which is not an overly large clue, but again, all will be shared next week on Thursday, when presumably the extension hits the market.