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Core MRP sachets go live with multi-box options saving as much as 17%

Core Mrp Sachets

Core Nutritionals recently previewed a more compact and convenient version of its balanced and nutritious meal replacement Core MRP, promoted as a full spectrum meal replacement due to the comprehensive set of ingredients the brand has jammed into this one. The supplement provides 27g of protein a serving from a transparent blend of whey concentrate, whey isolate, and milk isolate, an equal 27g of carbohydrates from whole grain oat flour, and a low 6g of fat, for a clean calorie count of 270.

Previously, Core Nutritionals only had its Core MRP in a traditional bulk tub of 20 servings; beginning this week, however, there is a box of ten single-serving sachets. It has all of the same ingredients and macros, but instead of a bottle you’d scoop your servings out of, you get ten packets that you can tear open and pour into a shaker. The convenient spin-off comes in all of the same flavors, too, with Double Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie, Vanilla Poundcake, Blueberry Crumb Cake, and Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookie.

The catch with Core Nutritionals’ single-serving sachets of Core MRP is that they are more expensive than the original tubs, where at you’ll pay $39.99 for the set of ten versus $54.99 for the bottle, working out to be 45% more expensive. The brand does make that a little less of a leap by currently offering discounts on multi-box purchases, with one at the usual $39.99, two taking it down to $35.99, and three is $33.33, closing the price difference down to a much more considerable 21%