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Deformulator January 22nd: Dosage clue removed for a bit more of a challenge

Deformulator January 22nd

A new fictional facts panel for our fun, creative, and enjoyable Deformulator supplement game is live again, with another supplement-filled prize pack up for grabs after last week’s slightly more challenging outing. We did up the complexity for the week of January 15th purely because one week earlier, we had far too many individuals completing it with ease, getting it done in under 20 seconds. We’ve noticed players are getting the hang of the game in as little as a handful of failed attempts, as remember, you do get five tries across the week.

This time around, we’ve lowered the number of ingredients and picked them with the idea that their common dosages can be pretty close to one another. We’ve also taken the typically included clue out, which in the past has been the amount of one of the components, to give you some idea of what those before or after could be around. We’re definitely looking to challenge players with the Deformulator and show the extent of proprietary blends, so be sure to give it a try by visiting and feel free to provide some feedback.

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