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Ekkovision and Baxter Hosley power up the energy and focus in Bax Shots 2.0

Ekkovision Bax Shots 2

As often as Ekkovision releases pre-workouts with the likes of Optismal, Ryabolic, and Outkast, the fast-growing brand also reformulates supplements rather frequently, and this week, we’ve got another one of those in the sequel to the athlete collaboration, Bax Shots. The product is referred to as Bax Shots 2.0 for separation purposes, as there is no 2.0 tag on the label, and like all good revamped versions, the pre-workout has been upgraded in many different ways all while maintaining focus on similar areas as the original.

Ekkovision’s Bax Shots 2.0 has been put together in partnership with Baxter Hosley, hence the name, and it is one of the pre-workout specialist’s more well-rounded competitors in the category, although compared to its predecessor; fans will notice some beefing up in specific areas. The brand has put effort into the more sensory benefits with stronger energy and focus, and the pump has received some love, too, with 8g of pure citrulline, alongside Nitrosigine at its effective 1.5g.

Ekkovision Bax Shots 2 Label

You can see the facts panel above, and again, Bax Shots 2.0 is genuinely a balanced pre-workout, offering support in all of the core areas, but you can see that extra attention on the energy and focus portions Taking care of the drive and concentration in the sequel supplement is 300mg of premium and proven Cognizin and 100mg of another reputable ingredient in CogniatiQ. The energy is also very present with 250mg of theobromine, 100mg of theanine to smoothen out the experience, and plenty of caffeine, with a combined 350mg.

Ekkovision has proven itself to be a reputable, reliable, and, most impressively, a fast-moving sports nutrition brand and the sequel to Baxter Hosley’s Bax Shots is further proof of that. It has simply taken the product that is built around the preferred benefits and effects of Hosley himself and tweaked and evolved the experience for the better. To top off the list of improvements, Ekkovision has kept the price of the better pre-workout exactly the same, where before discount you’ll pay $39.99 for a tub of 25 maximum servings.