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Lion’s mane capsules up next from TNS’ house brand Enjoy The Nutrition

Enjoy The Nutrition Lions Mane

The Nutrition Store’s house brand Enjoy The Nutrition, originally known for its unforgettably named pre-workouts like Enjoy The Ride and Enjoy The Insanity, has been turning itself into more of a fully fledge brand, as seen with the switch to “Enjoy The Nutrition” and expansion of its lineup. Last year, alongside the introduction of the official title, the retailer brand introduced Enjoy The Creatine, its first entry into any category that isn’t pre-workout, and in the coming weeks, we’re getting another simple, standalone item.

Enjoy The Nutrition from the reputable supplement shop, The Nutrition Store, has announced the coming of Lion’s Mane, which, judging by the size of the bottle and the name, is likely similar to Enjoy The Creatine in the sense that it’s a single-ingredient product exclusively featuring the ingredient in its title. That ingredient is, of course, lion’s mane, a mushroom extract commonly relied on for its nootropic benefits such as focus, cognition, and clarity, and the brand is indeed promoting those benefits for this supplement.

The Nutrition Store and Enjoy The Nutrition are said to be sharing more information on their upcoming Lion’s Mane sometime soon, although if you’re at all familiar with lion’s mane, and we’re correct with our assumptions, you’ll have a good idea of what the product is. The only pieces of important information we’re unsure of are the dosage you’ll get per capsule or serving in Enjoy The Nutrition’s Lion’s Mane and the price, but in saying that, this is a reliable retailer and brand, and we don’t imagine either of those being off.