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ENGN Pump lightens the energy and packs in a bit more for muscle pumps

Evl Engn Pump

ENGN Test isn’t the only hybrid pre-workout supplement the team at EVL is getting ready to roll out into the market; it also has a product by the name of ENGN Pump, which is similar to ENGN Test in supporting multiple benefits, although in this case, it’s a pre-workout that leans more toward pumps. The supplement still has plenty of ingredients and dosages to support other effects that aren’t pumps, but compared to the regular version of ENGN, this is less about stimulants and more about better muscle pumps.

EVL’s upcoming ENGN Pump has creatine monohydrate and performance-supporting beta-alanine, like the standard ENGN, at slightly different dosages of 1.5g and 1.6g, respectively. It also has tyrosine to enhance mental focus at 200mg and a lighter amount of the ever-reliable stimulator, caffeine anhydrous at 250mg. To favor the pump side of the supplement and boost blood flow, the brand has added 5mg of resveratrol, put in 50% more betaine at 1.5g, and included l-arginine at a single gram per serving.

A lot of EVL’s sports nutrition products are on the cost-effective side, and that includes its rapidly growing family of ENGN-named pre-workouts, like ENGN, ENGN Test, and the one in the spotlight here today, ENGN Pump. The price of the more pump-powering supplement is going to be in the same realm as those other ENGN competitors, in and around $24 for a bottle of 30 servings, and just one flavor has been confirmed so far, which is from the extensive selection of options for the regular ENGN in Cherry Limeade.