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EVL blends its cost-effective ENGN pre-workout with a few testosterone boosters

Evl Engn Test

There are very few categories in the world of sports nutrition that the team at EVL hasn’t touched, starting out in pre-workout, amino, and standalone, to now competing in almost every area you could think of with more pre-workouts, hybrids, a whole host of protein powders, and a protein bar is right around the corner. Also coming soon from the long-running, reputable, and easily available brand is a combination of two types it is very familiar with in pre-workout and testosterone booster for ENGN Test.

EVL’s upcoming ENGN Test is essentially a testosterone-boosting spin-off of its ENGN pre-workout that takes a few ingredients and dosages from the original and adds a couple of other components to make for a two-sided supplement. From the regular ENGN, the hybrid ENGN Test has creatine monohydrate at a slightly lower 2g a serving, the same 1.6g of performance-supporting beta-alanine, a little less caffeine at 250mg, and two added pre-workout ingredients in arginine and tyrosine at 1g and 200mg.

As for the testosterone-boosting side of EVL’s ENGN Test, you get 10mg of boron, 75mg of black maca, and another common component for this sort of supplement in the heavily studied KSM-66 Ashwagandha at 100mg. Everything rolls together in powder format, the same as the regular version of ENGN, and it seems as though there will be only one flavor available when the product makes it to shelves.

EVL’s testosterone-boosting pre-workout is going to debut in a traditional Fruit Punch flavor, packing a traditional amount of servings per tub at 30. By the looks of things, fans can expect to see the hybrid supplement in all of its usual retailers and stockists, and like the rest of the brand’s selection, this is going to have a cost-effective price point. While the standard ENGN pre-workout sits at the lower end of $20, so will ENGN Test, making for a seamless transition for those that may want to switch between the two.