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Evogen puts a frosty twist on sweet cherry in its first product drop for the year

Evogen Polar Cherry Frost Evp Xtreme

Something we saw Hany Rambod’s premium brand Evogen Nutrition do several times last year, more than introducing completely new supplements and innovation, was add flavors to the menu of its popular already available items like Isoject protein powder its various EVP pre-workouts. Here to start the New Year for Evogen is another one of those by way of a sweet and icy new taste for its stimulant-backed pre-workout EVP Xtreme NO loaded with 6g of straight citrulline, 2g of NO3-T nitrates and 400mg of caffeine.

Evogen’s first drop for 2024 is a special edition Polar Cherry Frost flavor of EVP Xtreme NO, again pairing a familiarly sweet cherry taste with a touch of frost. You get all of the supplement’s usual highlights mentioned above, with a few other components in there as well, like the ever-present beta-alanine at 3.2g a serving and 2.5g of strength-supporting creatine. The brand has already posted up Polar Cherry Frost in its online store, wearing its equally frosty label design at EVP Xtreme NO’s usual price of $49.95 per tub.

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