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Evogen adds another flavor to IsoJect protein powder a month after Ice Cream Sandwich

Evogen Fruity Cereal Isoject

Hany Rambod’s premium brand Evogen has certainly been giving back to its protein powder IsoJect this year, adding more flavors to that supplement than any other, not to mention the refreshing fruit-flavored spin-off IsoJect Clear. This week, Evogen is back in the headlines again, and you can probably guess what it’s about; it has put together yet another new flavor of the whey isolate-powered IsoJect protein powder, and it is a similar type of taste to one of the other options already on its menu.

Evogen’s all-new flavor for its flagship protein powder, taking its total number of tastes up to 14, is another cereal-inspired effort, right in line with Cinnamon Crunch, but this one has a sweet, fruity touch in a Fruity Cereal IsoJect. The product has already gone live in the brand’s official online store at, where the price on a tub of 26 servings is $54.95, with each of those servings providing 25g of fast-absorbing protein, half a gram of fat, 2g of carbohydrates, and 120 calories.

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