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Ghost confirms its second FaZe Clan collaboration is a completely new citrus flavor

Faze Up Separate From Citrus Ghost Energy Drink

Earlier today Ghost announced its second flavor collaboration with the esports and entertainment organization FaZe Clan, after last year’s FaZe Pop, put together for the Ghost Energy Drink and gaming supplement Ghost Gamer. The flavor Ghost and its partner have come up with this time around is called FaZe Up, featuring a citrusy blend of lemon and lime, something fans of the beverage and brand have quickly pointed out is similar to what you get in the already available and long-running Citrus Ghost Energy Drink.

After seeing all of the questions and comments, we did reach out to Ghost to find out if FaZe Up Ghost Energy Drink is, as it seems, offering an entirely new flavor experience and not the original Citrus under a different look and flavor name. Generally, if Ghost does a reskin, it doesn’t change the title of the flavor, making it known that the taste inside is something it already has available despite the different exterior, as seen in the various special editions it’s done for events and festivals in its ongoing Orange Cream option.

Fans of the energy drink will want to head to the Ghost online store, mobile app, and 7-Eleven locations when the FaZe Up Ghost Energy Drink rolls out, as it is indeed a different recipe. Despite the similarities in theme of lemon, lime, and citrus in general, FaZe Up is shooting for a different sort of experience, separate from Citrus. The brand has leaned more toward a classic citrus soda flavor, again completely new and separate from Citrus, but obviously, they’re both citrusy, so they will have that underlying connection.