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Ghost and FaZe Clan collaborate for a citrusy flavor of Ghost Energy called FaZe Up

Faze Up Ghost Energy Drink

Around this time last year, Ghost got together with its partner and widely-known professional esports organization, FaZe Clan, and released a special edition flavor for two separate products. The taste was the red, white, and blue Bomb Pop-inspired FaZe Pop, and it was produced for, of course, Ghost’s energy and focus-enhancing gaming supplement Ghost Gamer, and its hugely successful Ghost Energy Drink. Later this month, Ghost is doing that once again, but with a completely new special edition flavor experience.

Ghost has shared details on the first part of its second collaboration with the gaming and entertainment giant FaZe Clan in a citrusy lemon and lime combination called FaZe Up for the Ghost Energy Drink. This will be launching exclusively in the US; none of the other regions you can find the beverage like Canada and Australia. It will have all of those usual key ingredients and dosages fans have come to rely on, including a gram each of Carnipure carnitine and taurine, alpha-GPC and premium NeuroFactor for focus and cognition, 200mg of natural caffeine, and 25mg of AstraGin to improve absorption and efficacy.

The all-new FaZe Up Ghost Energy Drink will be hitting the market in about a week and a half on Monday, the 29th of this month, and you’ll find it both in the brand’s direct-to-consumer online store and its convenient mobile app. As mentioned, last year, the lifestyle supplement company put together two products in partnership with FaZe Clan in FaZe Pop Ghost Energy Drink and FaZe Pop Ghost Gamer, so we may be in for two collaborations this time around as well, although it is only the drink being revealed today.