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GAAM sticks to all of the usual points for its entry into the clear protein sub-category

Gaam Clear Whey

The ever-expanding clear protein powder sub-category has gained another competitor this week all the way from Sweden, specifically, the retailer Proteinbolaget’s house brand, GAAM Nutrition. The supplement is named GAAM Clear Whey, and it is your typical clear and refreshing protein powder with all of the usual points and highlights. The product relies exclusively on premium whey isolate to provide its lean level of protein, and it is only available in fruity flavors, four to be exact, and they do sound enjoyable.

GAAM Nutrition’s all-new GAAM Clear Whey protein powder gives you just shy of 20g of protein in a 25g serving, at around 19.2 to 19.4g, alongside almost non-existent numbers anywhere else with as 1.2g of carbohydrates, 400mg or less of that is sugar, no fat, and calories of 82 or 83. Again, Proteinbolaget and its house brand have not gone astray on this one, giving you all of the features we’ve come to expect from a clear protein powder, and again, like its many competitors, it is only available in fruit flavors.

The menu of GAAM Clear Whey consists of Tropical, the two-part peach and passionfruit concoction, Peach Passion, a classic Lemon Lime, and Black Currant. The place to go to get your hands on the supplement is, of course, the retailer Proteinbolaget’s online store, and it has its usually wide selection of purchase options, but they don’t bring any savings. You can get a single 400g bag working out to about 16 servings for 229 SEK (22.34 USD), plus two and four bag bundles, but they work out the same as the single.