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Sweet new Guava flavor named for Europe’s popular Burn Energy Drink

Guava Burn Energy Drink

When you get outside of the US, there are few energy drinks that continue their domination and maintain their presence in coolers, some of those successful internationals being Monster, Rockstar, and, of course, the legendary Red Bull. Those other markets around the world also have their own local competitors, and one of those strong, widely available offerings in the continent of Europe is the Burn Energy Drink, owned by Monster and instantly recognized by its iconic burning flame that has different colors depending on the flavor.

The Burn Energy Drink keeps the caffeine nice and low in its 250ml can, right in line with the dominating Red Bull at 80mg, alongside a variety of B vitamins, and in most of the flavors, you get a fair amount of sugar at just over 30g. A new flavor has been announced for that beverage, launching later this year with a Guava Burn Energy Drink, fitting in nicely with the product’s other fruit-based recipes, including Lemon Ice, the two-part taste Apple Kiwi, and Passion Punch, and it will be a sugary option with that around 30g of sugar.

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