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Happy Way adds standalone creatine, glutamine and magnesium offerings to its lifestyle line

Happy Way Glutamine Creatine Magnesium

Australian lifestyle supplement company Happy Way has added to its catalog products this week with some more straightforward items compared to the somewhat complex protein powders it’s built its name on and even its workout-focused offerings; Pre-Workout, Electrolytes, and BCAAs. Each of the brand’s latest offerings is entirely explained in its name with three standalone supplements, all of them in powder format, two unflavored and one flavored, with Glutamine Powder, Creatine Powder, and Magnesium Powder.

Happy Way’s Glutamine Powder is a 300g bag of glutamine for gut health and muscle recovery, and Creatine Powder is a 315g bag of tried and true creatine monohydrate for performance and power, both of which can be divided how you like whether that’s 3g a serving or 5g. The last of the three is Magnesium Powder for general health and wellness, coming in a citrusy Orange flavor, and each of the 45 servings a pack breaks down to 1.624g of magnesium citrate, 1.305g of sulfate, and 728mg of magnesium chloride.

All of the straightforward extensions from Happy Way match their simplicity in price, where Glutamine Powder is $40 (26.31 USD), Creatine Powder is a touch more at $44 (28.94 USD), and Magnesium Powder is the most expensive of the launches at $51 (33.55 USD). They are only available for pre-order at the moment, but you won’t be waiting too long as the lifestyle supplement company is planning to send out orders in the first half of next month.