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Hoist gets together with outdoor company Real Tree for a reskin of its Orange Hydration Drink

Hoist X Real Tree Blaze Orange Hydration Drink

Beverage and hydration company Hoist has partnered with the outdoor lifestyle brand Real Tree for a special edition version of its signature Hoist Hydration Drink featuring an unmissable, eye-catching label design. You can get a glimpse of the product for yourself in the image above, where you get an outdoorsy graphic blending into a bold and bright orange in its background. As for the flavor of the collaboration, it is called Blaze Orange, pairing the brand’s hydration beverage with a strong citrusy hit.

It is worth noting that Hoist and Real Tree’s Blaze Orange Hoist Hydration Drink is not a completely new flavor, or at least, that’s how it’s being portrayed. The brand has said it is a special edition transformation of the original Orange flavor of the electrolyte-fueled beverage, and it’s described as a bold new look without any mention of any change in taste. We only mention this for those who might be reaching for it in the cooler or throwing it in their online cart, expecting a different sort of orange-based experience.

If you head to Hoist’s official online store at you’ll notice the page for the original Orange Hoist Hydration Drink has been taken over with the Real Tree collaboration. The special edition product won’t cost you any more than any of the other flavors of the beverage, at $28 for a case of a dozen, with free shipping on orders over $99 and an additional 15% discount if you want to subscribe to receive it regularly.

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