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MuscleTech’s product innovation specialist goes over the science behind Peptide 185

Interview With Muscletech Raza About Peptide 185

MuscleTech is making plenty of noise and gaining a lot of attention from its upcoming muscle-building innovation, Peptide 185, featuring the industry-first ingredient, DL-185, which is dileucine. The main component of the supplement is indeed leucine bonded to leucine, to, again, create dileucine, and it has some promising results from a study. The dileucine in MuscleTech’s Peptide 185 has shown a 159% increase in muscle protein synthesis compared to placebo and a 60% increase against standard leucine.

We sat down with MuscleTech’s Scientific Affairs and Product Innovation Raza Bashir to break down the science and benefits behind Peptide 185 and respond to some questions and comments picked up on when the supplement was announced. With something that has never been available before and with strong results behind it, it’s always nice to be able to chat directly with someone at the company; plus, MuscleTech has done this for decades, so it had plenty to share regarding Peptide 185 and dileucine.

Some of the more important points in the interview with MuscleTech’s Raza Bashir were around dileucine versus standard leucine, and how the two really differentiate from one another. Simply put, the results and increase in muscle protein synthesis that dileucine provides are essentially unattainable by regular leucine, whether you have double or even triple the dose. Raza mentions it’s the greater bioavailability and uptake of dileucine directly that gives those impressive numbers and makes it the innovation that it is.

You can catch the complete interview with Product Innovation Vice President Raza Bashir from MuscleTech on YouTube with distribution on audio platforms shortly. We attempted to keep it nice and discrete, entirely centering around the muscle-building Peptide 185 and its one and only ingredient, DL-185 dileucine. You will be able to purchase the supplement itself later this month, and as we’ve seen many times before, MuscleTech is the first to use DL-185 and it has exclusivity, so you won’t find this anywhere else.