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MuscleTech introduces Peptide 185 providing a 159% boost in muscle protein synthesis

Muscletech Peptide 185

The legacy powerhouse MuscleTech is known for introducing ingredients to the industry, where it is not only the first to use something but also has exclusivity on it like BetaTOR HMB free acid from several years ago, or more recently, Enfinity paraxanthine seen in EurphoriQ and BurniQ. The brand has been hard at work recently, partnering and developing another supplement featuring an exclusive, industry-first ingredient, introducing Peptide 185 powered by l-leucyl-l-leucine monohydrate or dileucine.

MuscleTech has put an effective 2g of patented DL-185 dileucine into each serving of its all-new sports nutrition product Peptide 185, and it is essentially a standalone offering featuring only the new ingredient. L-leucyl-l-leucine monohydrate, or, as mentioned, more simply, dileucine, is designed to do similar to standard leucine but at a significantly better level. DL-185 dileucine is somewhat of a super leucine, where you get two leucine molecules bonded together for a significant boost in muscle protein synthesis that can, in turn, lead to increased muscle strength and size and enhanced recovery and performance.

Muscletech Peptide 185 Label

That boosted muscle protein synthesis isn’t just compared to taking nothing at all. A clinical study has been performed on the DL-185 dileucine found in MuscleTech’s Peptide 185, and it showed a jump of 60% in muscle protein synthesis compared to the use of regular leucine and a huge 159% over placebo. Dileucine very clearly has a measurable effect, and this is further highlighted on the face of Peptide 185, where MuscleTech has placed a call out of “159% greater activation of muscle protein synthesis”.

MuscleTech is officially launching its innovative Peptide 185, powered by patented DL-185 dileucine, in the coming weeks over at at $89.99 for a bottle of 28 servings, and you will want to move quickly if the supplement and ingredient have piqued your interest. DL-185 is indeed exclusive to the sports nutrition giant, so you won’t be seeing it anywhere else anytime soon, but more interestingly, initially, there is only going to be a limited amount available, giving it a good chance to sell out fast.