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Newcomer WheyUp infuses its clear protein powder with caffeine and coconut water

Introducing Wheyup Protein Powder

WheyUp is a newcomer to the supplement industry, more specifically, the highly saturated and very competitive category of protein powder, although the approach it has taken is far from your traditional blend of things like whey isolate and whey concentrate. The key difference with the newcomer’s debut product is that providing a great source of protein is one of its three main features, all combining for a competitor in the saturated category that doesn’t have anything similar or equal that we know of.

WheyUp has self-titled its star supplement, so both the brand and product are called WheyUp, and to take care of the protein powder side of it, you get 24g of protein from premium, lean, and fast-absorbing whey isolate with less than a gram of carbohydrates, no sugar or fat, and a clean 100 calories. Then, alongside the protein, you get the difference makers for WheyUp with half a gram of the electrolyte source coconut water and something you rarely see in a protein supplement with 150mg of caffeine.

It is certainly not common to get a source of caffeine in a protein powder, even more so if it’s not coffee-flavored or inspired, but that is what WheyUp is about. It is a functional product providing protein, electrolytes, and caffeine for essentially any situation where you’ll need those three, like a quick meal and energy source when you wake up or in and around a workout, mostly before to make use of the energy.

If WheyUp sounds like something you’d be interested in, you can purchase the caffeinated protein powder directly through its online store at Another interesting point about the supplement is that it’s part of the clear protein powder trend, coming in two fruity flavors, nothing milkshake-like with Blue Raspberry and Fruit Punch. The price on the product before any discount is $44.88 for a rather small tub of 20 servings, or grab the $80 bundle and get a tub of each flavor plus a shaker.