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Jacked Factory resurrects its gainer but simplifies the ingredients and jacks up the macros

Jacked Factory Authentic Mass

Under the Authentic banner, Jacked Factory has released all sorts of protein powders, reaching deep into the category with the blend-style Authentic Whey, the premium isolate offering Authentic ISO, plant-based Authentic Vegan, and there was also the discontinued Authentic Casein and Authentic MRP. Coming to the brand’s online store this week at is a supplement taking on the high-calorie world of mass gainers, with Authentic Mass at $59.99 for a giant jug of 15 nutritionally dense servings.

This isn’t the first time Jacked Factory has done a high-calorie mass protein under its Authentic Series; a few years ago, it had the identically named Authentic Mass, although the macro balance this time around is slightly different or, more specifically, much higher in carbohydrates and calories. The popular brand’s latest gainer packs a typical 50g of protein from whey concentrate, a hefty 122g of carbohydrates from maltodextrin, 14g of that sugar, and 6g of fat, all for a sub-four-figure calorie count of 750 in a 192.4g serving.

Those numbers are indeed much higher in the area of carbohydrates; where the previous Authentic Mass had 36g of protein to 52g of carbohydrates, working out to just over two-thirds in protein versus the carbs, the 2024 edition blows that out of the water at 50g of protein to two-and-a-half times that in carbohydrates at 122g. As you can see, the ingredients on this Authentic Mass are much simpler too, sticking to the basics of whey concentrate and maltodextrin, no Carb10 or whey isolate as we saw back in the original.

As mentioned, Jacked Factory’s all-new Authentic Mass is available directly through its online store at $59.99 for a tub of 15 servings, although since it’s a gainer, you can scale it, whether that be halving the serving to get 30 or even doubling to 1,500 calories and getting seven or eight from the 6.36lb container. There is a sale to help introduce the supplement with 25% off using the limited-time coupon code “25MASS”, dropping it to $45 each, and on the flavor side, you get two classic options in Vanilla and Cookies and Cream.

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