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Lion’s mane-infused Rockstar Focus launches in its three fruit-based flavors

Launch Of Rockstar Focus

Back at NACS last year, we were introduced to an intriguing new offering from the energy drink giant Rockstar with Rockstar Focus. The difference with this beverage compared to the many others available from the company is it aims to boost both physical and mental energy, hence the name. There isn’t a lengthy list of ingredients driving that hybrid experience, with B vitamins, caffeine at a moderate 200mg a can, and for the focus side of the formula, there is the nootropic mushroom extract, lion’s mane.

While we don’t get an exact amount listed for lion’s mane like for caffeine, based on the order of the ingredients in Rockstar Focus — heaviest to lightest — we do know it’s less than the caffeine. At the 2023 edition of NACS, Rockstar was sampling its focus-supporting energy drink in Orange Pineapple, Lemon Lime, and White Peach flavors, all with zero sugar, carbohydrates, and calories. That entire lineup is now rolling out to stores, and you can purchase it directly from Rockstar’s website at $22.49 a case.