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Suggest a new flavor for Legendary’s Popped Protein Chips and you could find a box

Legendary Foods Flavor Suggestion Contest

Fans of the popular and always on-point functional food company Legendary Foods are being invited to help create a future and maybe even the next product innovation to come from the brand. It wasn’t that long ago that Legendary launched its delicious, flavorful, and protein-packed Popped Protein Chips, and they are indeed tasty. Available in Ranch, Nacho Cheese, Barbecue, and the month-old Pizza flavors, the product gives you a respectable 20g of muscle-building protein and incredibly low net carbohydrates at 4g.

The reason we’re bringing up Legendary Foods and its Popped Protein Chips is that if you head to its Instagram page before 8 PM tonight, you have the opportunity to win a variety bundle of the chip-style protein snack, and all you have to do is get a little creative and maybe passionate. The functional company wants to know what flavor you think it should do next for Popped Protein Chips, which could end up becoming a reality, but again, if you’re interested, make sure you get all of the steps completed before tonight.