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Legendary begins rolling its crispy and flavorful Protein Chips into stores

Where to buy Legendary Protein Chips

Earlier in the year, Legendary Foods revealed and even sampled a chip-style protein snack for its delicious lineup of functional foods that simply has no equal thanks to its innovative Pop-Tart like Protein Pastry and Protein Sweet Roll. The Popped Protein Chips carry that higher protein, better-for-you strategy into the familiar snacking format, and after trying them firsthand at Expo West back in March, we can tell you they’re up there, if not better than the leading protein chips, despite this being the brand’s first run.

We’ve got the Legendary Popped Protein Chips back in the headlines this week as Legendary Foods has begun rolling them into stores, and they are showing up everywhere. The brand is putting the crispy and crunchy protein snack into sports nutrition retailers like GNC and Vitamin Shoppe, supermarkets like HEB, Albertsons, and Target, and online on its own website and Amazon. As a quick refresher, the macros on the Protein Chips are on point with 20g of protein, 4g of net carbohydrates, and a low 150 calories in three flavors: Barbecue, Ranch, and our favorite, Nacho Cheese.