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Like A Pro continues the eye-catching special edition flavors into the New Year

Like A Pro Orange Cream Whey Isolate

A common thing Like A Pro did throughout last year was released special edition flavors of its star protein powder, Whey Isolate, although to really mix things up and separate from other years it’s done those temporary tastes, it gave them some eye-catching label designs. This was present as recent as a month ago in the brand’s Chocolate Covered Cherries flavor of Whey Isolate, featuring a tasty mix of chocolate and cherry, and on the label, it had a stylish, cartoonish, jacked up Santa Claus on the front of the tub.

Like A Pro is starting off the New Year with another one of those, although unlike most of the limited editions we saw from it last year, like Chocolate Covered Cherries and Halloween’s Pumpkin Pie Snickerdoodle, this one is not themed around any specific occasion. This time around the brand has turned the classic summer treat, orange creamsicle, into a lean protein powder called Orange Cream, aiming to deliver that familiar smooth citrus flavor with 25g of protein, low sugar, and just 120 calories.

The all-new Orange Cream Like A Pro Whey Isolate has only been announced for now and won’t be available for purchase for a moment, but when it does arrival, as always, you’ll be able to get your hands on it straight from the brand’s online store at

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