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Muscle Nation makes a crispier protein bar filled with peanuts, marshmallows, sprinkles and more

Muscle Nation Crisp Protein Bar

Muscle Nation in Australia started as a fitness apparel and accessory company but dove into sports nutrition a few years back, taking on some pretty major spaces, including weight loss, protein powder, amino, and even the high-powered pace of the pre-workout category. Since getting into health supplements, the brand has gone one step further and in a rather large way, tackling the fun and creative world of functional food with all sorts of treats and snacks, such as the sweet and smooth Custard Protein Bar.

Next month, Muscle Nation is adding to that list of functional offerings with the Crisp Protein Bar, which, as you can see in the image above, is a crispier and crunchier protein snack providing a moderate 12.5g of protein and reasonably low sugar in a typically sized 50g bar. The upcoming item has a solid flavorful base wrapped around a crispy piece-filled main body, then along the top is a squiggle of the same smooth creaminess that covers the bottom. Also, across the top and inside the bar are extra bits and pieces that change between flavors, such as peanuts, chocolate chips, marshmallows, and rainbow sprinkles.

Muscle Nation is coming out of the gate swinging with its Crisp Protein Bar, launching it with four flavors to choose from, each of them with its own distinct base and bits, including Birthday Cake with a sweet white chocolate bottom and squiggles, caramel pieces, marshmallows, and rainbow sprinkles. Again, the widespread and conveniently available Australian brand is releasing its crunchier Crisp Protein Bar next month at the major pharmacy chain Chemist Warehouse, which has over 500 stores spread throughout the country.

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