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Naughty Boy brings together six premium features for critical areas of health

Naughty Boy Vital 6

Naughty Boy is on track to have an incredible year all thanks to its bold statement and goal of releasing over 100 items this year, inclusive of various flavors and sizes, but the majority of all of those will indeed be completely new supplements. The two-time International Brand Of The Year winner is already well on its way to that target, dropping two nighttime products a couple of weeks ago, in Sleep and Blackout, and following that up this week is news of a health and wellness-focused offering in the form of Vital 6.

Naughty Boy’s Vital 6 kind of gives a few details away in its name, as it is indeed based around six main ingredients that can stack nicely with most other daily health products, including your traditional multivitamin. Vital 6 is sort of an organ support supplement, or at least in that area, with the majority of its components relied on for those areas, such as n-acetyl-l-cysteine at 600mg a serving, half a gram of astragalus for kidney health, and a 250mg dose of milk thistle for liver protection.

Naughty Boy Vital 6 Label

The other three features filling out the facts panel of Naughty Boy’s Vital 6 are garlic extract at 600mg, nattokinase at 100mg, and lastly, a 504mg blend called BQUAD, which is transparently made up of 500mg of betaine anhydrous, 3mg of boron, 1.4mg of vitamin B2, and 200mcg of premium and superior Quatrefolic. The idea behind the brand’s inclusion of the unique BQUAD blend is to maintain healthy homocysteine levels, combining with all of those other purposes for a genuinely comprehensive health solution.

In typical Naughty Boy fashion, it has not launched Vital 6 yet, only announced the supplement and its details, and is planning to make it available sometime in the near future. Fans will also be interested to hear that the price of the product is going to be fairly cost-effective, making it easy to justify and add to your daily health stack, carrying a price of £19.99 (25.35 USD) for a bottle of 30 servings to get you through a month.