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Another flavor is right around the corner for NutraBio’s two-month-old liquid carnitine

Nutrabio Flavor Number Four For Leanshots Carnitine

The liquid format supplement LeanShots L-Carnitine 3000 only came to market from NutraBio about two months ago, rolling out with three fruity flavors to choose from, all featuring some eye-catching graphics and branding, heavily driven by flavor-related colors. The reputable, completely transparent company keeps things relatively straightforward on the formula side with 31 servings at 3g of metabolism and weight loss-supporting l-carnitine with absolutely no sugar or carbohydrates.

Despite the product’s young age, NutraBio is about to make it four flavors for LeanShots L-Carnitine 3000, announcing that fans are about to get one more any day now. The brand has only shared a teaser for the time being, which, on closer inspection, appears to have a multi-color rainbow strip to it, suggesting something like a strip candy or rainbow candy. That’ll be a nice addition to the current selection of Blue Razz, Peach Rings, and Green Apple, with confirmation coming in the near future.