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Standalone Epic Creatine rolls out alongside NutriFitt’s first-ever protein powder

Nutrifitt Epic Creatine

Epic Whey was released earlier this week by the team at NutriFitt, featuring a blend of whey concentrate, whey isolate, and egg white, to provide 25g of protein a serving. The brand ramped things in the extras it added to the supplement, combining those protein sources with premium enzymes and probiotics, such as PeptizymeSP, HemiSEB, and ProbioSEB Duo. As well as entering the protein powder category, NutriFitt has dropped Epic Creatine, a straightforward, standalone item based around creatine monohydrate.

NutriFitt’s Epic Creatine doesn’t have any additional extras or bonus features like Epic Whey, just creatine monohydrate to support muscle strength, size, performance and power. An entire bottle has 300g of the classic sports nutrition ingredient, enough to provide 60 servings at creatine’s reliably effective 5g dose. To make the standalone that little bit more versatile, it is unflavored for easier stacking with other supplements, and it’s available now through the brand’s website at for a reasonable $27.99.

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