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Prime confirms there are currently no plans to bring back its exclusive Pinata Colada

Pinata Colada Prime Hydration Drink

Prime has pumped out several special editions and exclusive flavors of its signature Prime Hydration Drink that have become incredibly desirable by fans and collectors. There were, of course, the limited-run varieties of the glow-in-the-dark Glowberry, including the holo in the US and the UK, the gold 1,000,000,000 flavor to celebrate the brand producing one billion bottles, and, of course, KSI’s self-titled orange mango exclusive to the UK. One of the more recent special edition creations from the brand came during its rollout in Mexico, which went down last month.

The product Prime put together for Mexico; specifically an event in Mexico City where Logan Paul and KSI successfully claimed the Guinness World Record for the tallest pinata, was a Pinata Colada Prime Hydration Drink. You would assume it features a cocktail-inspired Pina Colada taste, although based on those who have been seen drinking it, it’s a little unsure. There are videos out there saying it’s a pineapple experience and others saying it’s rebottled Lemonade.

Either way, there was indeed a Pinata Colada Prime Hydration Drink, and the question we’ve had since that event in Mexico City was, will it be back? We went out and asked the beverage giant directly, which said it is exclusive to that event “for now”. That obviously means there are no official or immediate plans for Pinata Colada to be back, even as an exclusive to Mexico, however the “for now” leaves open the possibility for it to return in some way or another.

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