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KOS turns a recipe from author PlantYou into a limited flavor of its superfood protein powder

Plantyou Strawberry Dream Kos Plant Protein

KOS doesn’t launch completely new supplements as often as most, but it does indeed keep things exciting but consistently punching out creative and intriguing flavor extensions specifically for its signature products. It was just a few months ago the brand celebrated its impressive five-year anniversary, and to really drive home the occasion, it revealed and released a limited edition flavor of its Organic Superfood Plant Protein, and that flavor was, of course, the classic celebration recipe, Birthday Cake.

KOS is back at the limited-time creations to start the New Year, launching a tasty new experience for that same supplement, Organic Superfood Plant Protein, which has been put together in partnership with the successful author Carleigh Bodrug, better known by her handle PlantYou. As for the flavor of the superfood-infused plant-based protein powder, it is a sweet and smooth Strawberry Dream Superfood Plant Protein, available now at, featuring all of the product’s usual highlights with 20g of protein from the likes of pea, flax seed, and quinoa protein, and a full family of 12 vitamins and minerals.

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